Clutches diameter 430 mm

A complete range to meet the individual requirements o f everycustomer. Clutches are available with various options:

  • Manual or automatic adjustment,
  • Different torsion dampers,
  • Single or double clutch,
  • Traction and propulsion – front-wheel or rear-wheel drive,
  • Ceramic or organic facings

Our product range covers more than 98% of the european market for commercial vehicles (new and old models).

The notoriety of EATON products guarantees you quality products.

Product plus : New products without old core return !

Clutches diameter 430 mm

A thousand clutches are available in our shop for brands such as :


For many years we preferred to stay out of the field of clutches, a highly competitive field!

Often our customers asked us “We find the entire range of powertrain products at NEICHEL Automotive ; why don’t you do clutches? We need a solution!”
So we looked for THE clutch product that would best meet our quality criteria.

In 2012 we launched a partnership with EATON, an internationally recognized equipment manufacturer in numerous fields, including transmission systems for trucks and automobiles.

The reputation of EATON products guarantees you quality products. A thousand clutches are now available in our warehouse

Clutches for severe applications

Latest generation : ceramic facing

Are your clutches failing frequently ? This technology is made for you !

Major characteristics:

  • Better thermal resistance than organic products,
  • Increased coefficient of friction,
  • Longer life,
  • Excellent comfort,
  • High strength,
  • Alternative to 400mm Twin-plate.

Applications concerned :

  • For use at high torque in difficult conditions,
  • As a replacement for twin-plate,
  • As a replacement when the engagement quality is a critical element