Every day, our team face important challenges to satisfy our demanding clientele … and rightly so !

The human qualities of our employees are a reflection of our company. This is whe we seek in our recruitments above all a know-how, which expresses itself through values of respect, humility and loyalty, exemplary, taste of work and performance.

We are looking for motivated and passionate business candidates ! Much more than a diploma, we consider above all your potential and your desire to invest in our company. Values as rich as diplomas !

Join the NEICHEL Automotive team.

Satisfying and retaining our customers is the first goal of every employee. It goes through a perpetual search for excellence.

Do you share our ambition ? Just introduce yourself !

  • Join NEICHEL Automotive, is to seize the opportunity to evolve in a niche activity where it is good to work, to integrate a structure on a human scale that has earned a place of choice over the years.
  • Working with NEICHEL Automotive means integrating a team of talented men and women, sharing the same desire to move forward, respectful of others and knowing how to create a warm and supportive work environment.

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