Take the quality road with NEICHEL Automotive !

The commitment of NEICHEL Automotive is based on an integrated, standards-compliant Quality, Safety and Environmental policy whose objectives are as follows:
Certification valid untilOctober 14th,  2023 :
ISO 9001 : Quality
ISO 14001 : Environment
ISO 45001 : Security
ISO 26000 : Certificate of conduct of Management ISO 26000 - Societal policy

Do everything possible to satisfy our preferred partner : the customer.

  • Offer the world’s most effective products in terms of quality and price by relying on an effective purchasing policy ;
  • Satisfy our customers in terms of delivery deadlines and service quality ;
  • Promote customer satisfaction via customer rounds and during trade shows.

Support continuous improvement

  • Detect and manage all possible sources of day-to-day improvement via our internal audits ;
  • Manage the company’s activity in a concern for effectiveness and performance while at the same time ensuring compliance with the normative, regulatory, legal and other requirements regarding Quality, Safety and Environment.
Certificate of Management Quality / Security / Environment ISO 9001 / OHSAS 18001 / ISO 14001: NEICHEL Automotive

Certificate of Management ISO 26000 : NEICHEL Automotive

Sustainably protect our environment and thus safeguard the living space of generations to come

  • Develop an approach that respects the environment ;
  • Assess the impact of our activities on the environment and limit these impacts to the maximum extent possible.

Define actions for preventing the safety risks associated with our activity

  • Sensitize all staff members and foster information through written and oral communication during our periodic meetings.

Motivate and manage our employees.

  • Develop employees’ skills and motivation by encouraging training and QSE communication ;
  • Inform and train our employees in environmental and safety issues in order to encourage them to adopt eco-friendly and safe behavior.