Reconditioning of your Gearbox

Mechanics, a real work of art !

Transmission reconditioning is the activity from which the business was born in 1979.

Our years of experience have allowed us to acquire leading technical expertise, updated continuously through training. Our technicians work on all types of transmissions, all generations and all brands.

Step 1 : Diagnostic:

  • Complete removal of the transmission assembly
  • Cleaning of all the spare parts
  • Diagnostic
  • List of parts to be replaced

Step 2 : Estimate

  • Preparation of our price quote based on the diagnostic
  • Advice concerning potential additional parts changes

Step 3 : Overhauling to manufacturer’s standards

  • We guarantee that the assembly will be overhauled according to the manufacturer’s standards

Step 4 : Test bench

For automatic Gearboxes

  • Testing and validation of the repair
  • Performance measurement of the repaired assembly
  • Software developed by us

Reconditioning of your Gearboxes

Reconditioning of your Gearbox by NEICHEL Automotive.

We recondition gearboxes according to the Manufacturer’s standards, with a 12 month warranty for parts and labor.

Reconditioning can be done either at our workshop or by one of our network partners under the same conditions. This organization assures you an optimal service time, depending on your region.



Axle repair

Axle repair by NEICHEL Automotive.

We can repair all axle for heavy trucks and heavy construction equipment. We offer you a 12 month warranty for parts and labor.