Is one of the vehicles you are responsible for immobilized? It is imperative that it will be repaired as soon as possible! We are your preferred contact and offer you various solutions:

  • We can overhaul your aggregate for you,,
  • We can supply you with spare parts if you want to make the repairs yourself,
  • We can sell you a new aggregate or offer you a Standard exchange, or exchange-repair.

You will be asked to provide 3 important informations

  • The vehicle make (D.1)
  • The vehicle type (D.2)
  • The vehicle chassis No. (E.)

Tip : When your customer entrusts you with a repair job, always keep a copy of the vehicle registration !

Our keyword : Quality !

Your truck, bus, heavy construction equipment or other industrial vehicle is manufactured with quality original parts, validated by the Manufacturer.

When the vehicle is no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty, why should you resign yourself to repair it with spare parts of lower quality?

We select for you suppliers who guarantee high-quality parts, original or equivalent to original manufacturer’s equipment (OEM), manufactured with quality materials to increase the service life of your vehicle.

Advice and repair, we offer you a complete service

NEICHEL know-how is based first and foremost on accurate searches and information control in order to assure that you are supplied with the appropriate parts for the vehicle for which you are responsible. We have a direct link with the Manufacturers’ factories and we thus assure you that we have the latest technical information.

For your requests, we check the parts requested against the chassis number of the vehicle that you send us.

Product traceability

We select a single, specialized factory by product type :

  • We thus have complete control over the quality,
  • We assure you total traceability of our products.

Extensive stock and fast delivery

In order to be able to respond as efficiently as possible to your requests, we have set up a large inventory of spare parts and aggregates.

  • 3.500 m2 of storage space
  • More than 130.000 articles in stock